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Nolan's friend CJ chose to honor Nolan with this tattoo that displays Nolan's initials and the date he passed away.

"This tattoo let's people know that Nolan will always be remembered, 94 for his birth and ever means just that ( forever). He was a special kid and should never be forgotten.  He loved everyone, especially Poppy and I'll never forget that.He always brought joy to people's hearts."

"I drew it myself because it was a really special tattoo to honor our friendship and the two sports that brought us together."

I miss pulling up to your house, walking in, and being greeted by the biggest hug I’d ever experienced in my life (since the last one you’d given me). I can still hear you yelling “SARAH BEAR!” as soon as you saw me. I’ll be missing your hugs forever.

Love you forever,
Bear (Sarah)

Missing you just walking into the house a running up to my room and giving me a hug and then leaving. You had the best heart. You loved everyone and really knew how to show it. You’re the best!

Big Sis Bails

Always tackling us on the beach and right away picking us up.
Always gonna miss late night talking in your backyard.


No words.
Terry and Patti Sue Nolan

Our lacrosse trip to England in 2007…I’ll never forget how hard you made Erin and I laugh on the plane ride there.
Allie Menzel

When you asked me to marry you.

I always loved Nolan’s bright smile.
Ellen Knudsen

Gave it all on the football field.

Walking around camp hold my hand telling everyone I was your mom. I can still remember your face and laugh when you thought people believed it was true.

Love you Nolan! We will miss you!
Joe sends his love.

Your cousin Katie

Summer’s best two weeks. Go Galatians!!
Caroline Tucker

I’ll always remember the party you brought Anna and I to. We had so much fun and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder. I’m so happy I met you when I did because we were both going through hard times and understood each other. I’ll miss you. Thank you.

The first time I saw Nolan, he came right up to my car, introduced himself with a BIG smile and asked me, “How are you?” I remember thinking, “What a handsome, engaging young man!” Nolan was probably only in 8th grade. We will miss you Nolan!
Dave & Marie Hartman, Ryan and Lauren

Throwback to our play date with Audrey, Lauren, and me. Not sure where Kayla was haha…also that time you agreed to drive me, Kayla, and Lauren 30 minutes out to a party…. You’re the best. I can still remember the rap music you were playing on the way. Good times when you let Audrey and me sleep in your bed and you took the floor. You have such a loving heart. No wonder I had a middle school crush on you. You will be missed Nolan.

Memorial Day weekends in Dover.

Nolan loved kisses on the cheek.
Mary Stang

So many memories…     you to the moon and back. Remember the one time at Pretty Boy Dam, you told me you could carry me up all those stars without a break and not even ten steps up, you dropped me and I couldn’t stop crying and laughing and you were so confused wondering if it was okay to laugh, or if you should say sorry…hahaha… I love you more than life. Thank you for all the laughs and being a part of my life and family.
Forever, Your Big Sis Bails

After football game hugs and OCMD boardwalk! Thanks for the memories.
Rachel Grueninger

I’ll never forget the memories I had with you at Baltimore Lutheran!

XOXO- Taylor Rhyne, class of 2013

Dear Nolan,
My last memory of you is from just 3 weeks ago at our baby shower. Your smile seemed extra big that day. I was so happy you were so happy! I will always feel your big, warm hugs and will never forget that big beautiful smile of yours. I love you, sweet cousin. Rest well.

Love, Kiera and Jonathan

Thanks for picking me up every time. Senior week 2013.
Emily Grueninger

Nolan, I can’t be there but I asked my mom to write a memory. Remember our fishing day during the vacation in Sea Isle. Kay and I didn’t want to go in the room but we went because you wanted to… that day ended up to be my best day ever with you cousin.

Love you

PS I will pray for you on the mountain top!!

Nolan, Thank you for being a part of the family even though we had you for such a short time. You will always be in our hearts
Love, Uncle Mike and Aunt Meg

You are now safely home Nolan. A special rebirth of your birthday in the Arms of Jesus.
Love, Ms. A

Thanks for the great lacrosse memories. Rest in peace, Nolan!
Lori, Paulie and Carmen Mirabile

Guitar Hero 3, Cornhole game winner, BEST smile, Love you always.
Your cuz, Seanie

Freshman year at Gilman- Mr. Christian called a TO 45 seconds into the game because Nolan took a charge. In that TO Mr. Christian proceeded to only say “Great job! Nolan just showed us what we can do every play!” One of my favorite Gilman memories.
Riley DeSmit

Best hugs ever!  You always had a smile on your face. Such a happy kid. Rest in peace brother.
Max M.

I will always love you, Nolan.
Chris McLaughlin

Love that smile!! 
Ms. Kim

I will always love the way you welcomed me into the family lovingly! You had a way of making everyone feel special. I will never forget the way you, Kayla, Uncle John, and Aunt Claudia danced the night away at Sean and my wedding.

I still rock those Batman boxers you left at my lake house. Love you cuz.

I’ll always remember Nolan’s incredible smile and bright personality. I’ll miss him!
Chuck Knudsen

Hiding out in Jack’s room looking out the window at the parents being attacked by water guns on Memorial Day weekend, and being soooo proud we dodged the water fight.
Addie Stang

Sneaking into your house at 1am! Walking to Pinewood every night before my driving hours. Miss you so so much Nolan.
Sam Hyde

Throwing me over your shoulders and letting Riley sit shotgun instead of me. Chasing me around Deep Dale. Best big brother I could have asked for.

Nolan always made a great effort to keep in touch. He had a huge heart and invited me into his life constantly. He would text me often and I really enjoyed visiting with him and playing golf, going to Orioles games, etc. I will miss his friendship.
With love,
John Simms

Many years of strong, warm hugs!

Running beside your car when you came to rescue the neighborhood crew in Mays Chapel. Love you Nolan.

You would always pick me up and we would just drive around and talk. And then at the end get Chipotle. I love hugging you Noles.
Bri Brown

Gulo Gulo
Love, BA Lacrosse

At Blair’s 21st at Casa Mia’s you asking everybody if it was okay to kiss me. Best night ever. Thank you for being my boyfriend that night. I love you.

Thank you for making my start to this summer AMAZING. I will cherish all of our memories forever and I will remember you when I go to where we planned to go. You are the best Nolan. I love you forever.

I’ll remember the New Years I spent with you forever. Thanks for all the Chipotle dates, helping me through hard times, always making everyone smile, and my cat.

All the kids playing in Thompson’s backyard. Nolan always making everyone laugh.

Hannah remembers Nolan biting her hand at Beachmont Camp! 

Nolan,You were a good friend to Cole and a good person who’ll remain in my thoughts.

Nolan, The only person I ever knew that welcomed being greeted by nearly 500 lbs of dog bodies with hair. You and Mac- unconditional love for everyone! Love you…..
Aunt Susan

I will always love you my silly puppy.

Corn Hole to win it! Nolan: 21, Uncle Frank: 20. Love you, miss you.


I can’t imagine pulling up to your house is not having you scream at me from your car behind me every time. Or walking into your house without hearing you call my name in a “British accent.” I can’t imagine rainy days on the beach without you. Your raps were always my favorite, although you were quite embarrassed by them …most of the time. I hope you continue to jump on your mini trampoline and play basketball on the driveways of heaven.
Love you, Eleanor

I always loved seeing you at the park with your special pooch by your side, Riley. Peace be with you Nolan!
XO Kathleen Miller

I’ll miss looking out the back window and seeing you play lacrosse in the backyard.
Mr. Steve

Always touching my head and then acting like it burned you.
Love, Cassidy

I’ve learned a lot from you. Thanks for being a great friend to me, but especially to Zach. I’ll miss seeing you around the neighborhood and you popping over Zach’s house. Thanks for all the fun times we’ve all had. I’m going to miss you so much.
Love, Lainey

Dakota is going to miss barking at you! Rest Nolan!
Dave and Michele

Your smile and your laugh used to light up Venture. You were a leader and other students loved and desired to follow you. You are one of the students that we will forever talk about.

Hey bro, one of my fave memories is when you, me, and Ryan slept over at my house in 5th grade. We played GameCube all night and ate concoctions of junk food. Then we were all too sick to go to school the next day haha. Love and miss you, Nolan.
Ben Sorteberg

Thanks for always shining your light on us!!
Joel Berroa

That time you had to pick up an order for Ralph and took a bite of not Kayla’s, but my cookie!! Love you!
Brooke Holechek

Remember when we got caught sneaking out to hang with girls? Your mom caught us and we all had a lecture and you had calamine lotion all over your legs and I was laughing so hard I had to go outside. Love you brother.

We will love you forever! Even though you ate one of my glass Christmas ornaments…chomp chomp.
The McNallys

Nolo vs. Coco. I’ll miss our Sunday golf dates. Love you Noles.
Connor Covell

Nolan- I will always remember how much you loved coming to our house…to raid our snack drawer!
XOXO- The Coulter family

Nolan, I’ll never forget how it sounded to hear you say “love you Panda” You’re my favorite. Your love will live on in all our hearts.
Mandy “Panda”

Nolan, Keep your wings clean because I’m always going to be praying to you and I’ll need lots of help.
Amy Towsend & The Bittner/Townsend Troops

Thanks for being the best adopted big brother. I’ll love you forever, Nol.

Nolan, Thanks for always knowing how to put a smile on mine and anyone else’s face who needed it. Love you man.

Nolan, One time when we were at the beach with the Gang we had spaghetti and you insisted on making everybody meatballs. Those were the best meatballs I’ve ever had. I’ll miss your smile and amazing hugs and how you always picked me up even though I’m almost your height. I love you Nolan!
Love, Bethany

Nolan, I remember our rad toothbrush fights for your bear hugs. I love you forever Noles94.
Always, Sarah (Bear)

That one time you and Connor picked me up from work and we waited in an hour line just so you could get your Chipotle. I’ll miss seeing you around Essex.
Love, Molly Brown

Nolan- I remember a fearless little boy who loved to ride roller coasters. Always in our heart.
The Slattery Family

1 Corinthians 15:57

I’ll never forget your awesome personality and especially that one night we got the cops called on us and said we didn’t know whose car was out front and it was yours! You’ll never be forgotten.
Savannah and Lindsey

Nolan, I will always remember the late night talks in the back of my dad’s pickup truck. I drove that truck for you today. I still have the cross made of McDonald’s straw wrappers in my truck. I can’t wait for you to greet me at the gate. Until then, utmost love,
Chris McLaughlin

“Wendy loves Nolan”

Matches what Nolan wrote on my white board at work.
Love you always, Wendy Young

When we snuck out of your house and ran all the way to the O’Connor’s house at 2:00am when we were so young and got in SO much trouble!
I miss you…

-Big Sis Bails

Nolan was such a bright light within Baltimore Lutheran School especially Football and Lacrosse. I will never forget his hugs of course but also his happy ways.  He meant so much to my son Zakk after they got over being in competition over sports… after all Nolan was someone to feel that way about… an outstanding athlete. It’s been a hard summer this year but I will always hold on to seeing Nolan’s face and smile along with the sweaty hugs.
Maria Davis

Nolan touched many people’s lives literally and figuratively. He had a very special way of lighting up a room with his twinkly blue eyes and his youthful spirit. No matter how your day was going, Nolan had an incredible ability to brighten it up with a simple Nolan hug. Nolan was able to connect with many, but most importantly he taught many of us not to take life too seriously, but to take in all of life’s precious moments (even if that meant jumping on you and licking you to get you to laugh)! He will forever be in our hearts. Love you always and forever.
Your cousin Shannon

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