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Our goal is to provide funding for children needing therapeutic care for depression, anxiety, and/or ADD/ADHD.


The Nolan Robison Foundation provides compassionate and comprehensive support for families of children needing therapeutic care for depression, anxiety or attention deficit disorder regardless of their ability to pay.


We are a qualified 501(c)(3) Public Charity that subsidizes the cost of therapeutic care for underprivileged children under the age of 21 with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and/or attention deficit disorder. Funding will be paid directly to licensed providers, including Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers and/or Pediatricians, upon receipt from the Provider of an invoice and documentation of the diagnosis. The maximum amount of funding per child from the Foundation is $4,000 per calendar year. The Foundation will also promote opportunities for all children with these conditions to seek and receive professional care.



With depression and anxiety whose goal is to feel confident about his future


With anxiety whose goal is to gain confidence in herself


 With ADD whose goal is to learn to express his feelings in a non-violent and effective way


With depression and anxiety whose goal is to feel safe and happy on a daily basis



John Robison

Chairman of the Board & President

Nolan's Dad

The Nolan Robison Foundation, including its wonderful Board of Directors and generous supporters, has helped me funnel my immense grief after Nolan’s passing to providing hope to families of children suffering with mental illness.

Mike Stang

Vice President at Large

Longtime Family Friend

When I was asked to become a Board member for this Foundation, I summed it up in one word. Privilege.  Nothing is more rewarding then to be able to help other people. Especially when the other people are young people.   I believe this Foundation gives children a chance to become who they want to be. Before that tragic day on July 7, 2015 you could see Nolan becoming the person he wanted to be. What an honor and privilege it is to serve on this Board.

Tom Erisman

Secretary & Treasurer

Nolan's Godfather

Being part of the Nolan Robison Foundation gives me the opportunity to give back to the community while embellishing the giving and loving personality of my late Godson Nolan. I miss Nolan every day and I enjoy working with John and his family to promote a charitable legacy for Nolan that will continue to help children and families in need for many years to come.

Andi O'Connor

Vice President at Large

Longtime Family Friend

The Nolan Robison Foundation offers me the hope and joy that I remember seeing in Nolan.  I was blessed to have the privilege of watching the kindness that Nolan brought into this world throughout his life.   Although he struggled he overcame the challenges he experienced with the love and support of his family and mental health professionals.  I am grateful for the opportunity to support Nolan’s legacy through his foundation and look forward to helping connect children in need to the warmth of Nolan’s hug through the mental health care that they may otherwise be unable to afford.

Mike Muldowney

Vice President at Large

Longtime Family Friend

Serving the Nolan Robison Foundation honors Nolan’s life among us as a person who struggled, then figured it out with the care his wonderful parents could provide to him; through the lasting spirit and energy Nolan’s memory gives me, I can humbly assist in meeting the critical needs of the many children who are in dire need of mental health care and who cannot otherwise afford it.

Mario Rentuma

Vice President at Large

Longtime Family Friend

The Nolan Robison foundation is a community of likeminded individuals who have a common desire to offer love and care to those who feel overlooked, overwhelmed, and sometimes misunderstood. The foundation offers the support persons may need on their way to a more fulfilling future. The foundation provides a means of support to help those in need of inner healing, to grow in truth and strength within the safety of a caring community. 


I am honored to have the opportunity to share in the workings of the Nolan Robison foundation, to provide a space for others to feel supported while they heal. 

Barry Offutt

Posthumous Vice President at Large

Longtime Family Friend

Nolan’s passing was an unimaginable tragedy but somehow the Robison’s were able to both deal with their grief and establish a Foundation to help others.  Getting involved was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.”

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